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KR120 Red Light Therapy Spectrum Report | Kinreen

Wavelength is the key of red light therapy to see the result . From this video you can have a general idea how to test wavelength if that it is the correct one to be used .

Kinreen's KR120 red light therapy wrap combine with both red 660nm and near infrared 850nm . 850nm is invisible by naked eyes , but it can be seen under camera or night . Also it can be tested via spectrum testing equipment .

The spectrum test about KR120 red light therapy wrap -wavelength: 660nm:850nm=1:2

In this video, we perform a spectral test on one of our best selling products-KR120  red light therapy wrap.

It uses 660nm 850nm red light and near infrared red light. These two wavelengths are commonly used in our products.

It can help for body msucle joints pain relief and wound healing, weight loss etc.

The spectrum test about our red light therapy hat -Wavelength: 670nm:810nm=1:2

This is a video about the spectrum test of our red light therapy cap. We use professional spectral testing equipment to test this cap. 

This cap uses 670nm and 810nm. 670nm:810nm=1:2 This This spectrum ratio is good for brain health.

We promise that use the most authentic materials to make a better red light therapy product for consumers.

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