Kinreen has an excellent management team and focus on R & D , we welcome exclusivity , drop shipping , OEM and ODM service . We strive to achieve the goal of satisfying users , and ensuring to provide our clients with stable quality , reasonable price , technical support , fast delivery , and after-service .

New Model Red Light Therapy Caps

What you see now is our new model red light therapy caps is doing aging test . All our products 100% do at least 8 hours aging test before shipment to make sure each device in a good condition . We have a serious quality control for both re-production on raw material inspections , production and after-production . One year warranty policy provide for any defect caused by us.

China flexible packaging materials manufacturers - Kinreen

We have two assembly lines , one is for products production and another is for packaging . What you see now is our top sales torch red lights therapy for packaging before the shipment . The average sales of the torch red lights only is over 7,000 pcs per month since early 2020 . All 100% exports to oversea and mostly go to US market.

300 Watt Red Infrared Light Therapy Panel

This is 300 watt red infrared light therapy panel for aging test . As you see from the video it is flicker free . 100% aging test make sure each panels work in a good condition before shipment.

KR170 Wrap

The USB cable small size flexible red light wrap comes with a pad, user manual , stretchy bands and removable pocket to insert power bank . It sets 3 levels for dimming : low / middle / high mode for brightness . Just needs to plug in with an adaptor (not included) or powered by power bank . So the user can enjoy the red lighting anywhere they want to do . The small size wrap is recommend for small treatment like arm , feet , leg ect. .

KR350 Wrap

The big size flexible red light wrap for full body comes with one pad , a long size one meter stretchy bands , UL list adapter and power cord . Just to connect the DC port correctly and plug into AC socket . When you press the button one time it illuminates green it comes to all led diode (red led and near infrared led both on) , when press again , it comes only near infrared leds on . (Note that infrared light is invisible to the human eye so it may appear that the LEDs are off when in fact the infrared is on. )
When you press the button over 3 seconds it comes to pulse mode than the button illuminates blue to remind you are in another mode . For deep pain relief recommend pulse mode. The big size wrap is recommend to the candidates who want to have full body weight loss , skin care and pain relief for home use or who is an owner of a beauty salon for commercial use.

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