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Product NameKinreen Torch Red Light TherapyLED QTY3 PCS (2*red; 1*near infrared)
Product Dimension26*120.5mmProduct Weight0.21 kg (including one battery side)
Wavelength630nm 660nm 850nmTimer5 Minutes
Lamp MaterialStainsteel steelCertificationCE ROHS FCC
ColorSliverLifespanOver 50,000 Hours
IrradianceOver 120 mW/cm² at 1 inchWarranty2 Years
EMF0 uT at 0 inch (Safe)Recommend Distance0-3 inch
Battery2*Rechargeable BatteryRecommend Use Time1-3 times per day
OEM Serice MOQ

Logo (1PC ) 

Package box (200-500 PCS) 

User Manual (500PCS)

ApplicationJoint Pain Relief & Wounds Healing
ODM SericeMOQ : 1000 PCSIncluded with this package

1* LED Light Therapy Torch

2* Rechargeable battery 

1* USB charger 

1* User Manual

Selling Points

1. Portable : ideal for travel treatment ;

2. Better effect : 3 pcs Leds include 630nm 660nm 850nm , much better results than only one 660nm in the market ;

3. Good on design and stainless steel material which looks professional ;

4. Highly recommend for small points joints pain relief which is much more powerful .

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