Product name
Red Light Therapy Wrap (KR200 Wrap)Lamp power
100 W
LED PCS200 PCS*0.5 WTimer20 Min
Product size492*238 mmPulsedYes
Product weight0.19 kgLamp materialSBR
Wavelength470nm 630nm 850nmPackage include

1*Red Light Therapy Wrap


1*User manual


1*Power cord

Irradiance120 mW/cm2 at surface
EMF0 uT at 0 inch (safe)
Warranty24 Months

Selling Points

  1. 1. Better effect : 3 pcs Leds chips in one led diode including 630nm 660nm 850nm , lighting will be much more uniform than each led diode at one wavelength ;

  2. 2. The device can be wrapped in multiple angles, it is easy to carry and used for versatile condition like shoudler pain , feet ,knee pain as well as acne treatment ect ;

  3. 3. Timer : 20 Minutes . The device will shut off automatically after working for 20 minutes ;

  4. 4. Pulsed which show much more effects than constant lighting ;

  5. 5. It can be equipped with power bank. You can walk around freely and get rid of the fixed power supply .

  6. 6. UL and CE list adaptor + UL or CE power cord .

  7. 7. It comes with two stands as the photo shows

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